Material Constraint


Design brief

Design a stationery carrier (box\pouch) made of Bamboo for primary school students, mainly for  keeping the pencil, pen, scale, sharpener and rubber. With a portable form factor, it should be easy to use,  ergonomically plausible, at the same time simple and easy to produce. 

Market Survey 

Stationery and instrument boxes  made of plastic and metal are readily available in the market. But I  didn't see a single pencil box or pouch made of bamboo. 

Most school bags have a dedicated compartment for pencil boxes or pouches.

Priority​: pencil/pen/rubber/scale/sharpener.

I had constrained myself only to use Bamboo and glue   An area for name slip  The product should fit in those compartments. Also it should sit on a table top.   Most importantly it must be able to contain two to three pencils, a pen, scale, rubber and sharpener.

I wanted to achieve 

  • a product with only a minimum number of hand tools, even without expensive machinery. 

  • an eco friendly product (no plastic) 

  • incorporate the unique properties of bamboo such as shape  

I wanted to avoid plastic in the product

Material required

Bamboo piece 

  • hollow- two cylinders one should fit in the other

  • solid- almost the same diameter as the smaller  hollow bamboo


Tools required

  • only hand tools such as chisel and mallet, hacksaw, scale or measuring tape, and sand paper. 

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