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A little "TMI" about me

I was doodling during lectures, so I chose to do Industrial design dropping out of engineering.

+ Watching Jony Ive's "Introducing the new..." videos I decided my career!

Growing up I felt I can and should make things around me better.

+ I tried to do whatever Rob taught every Sunday on "pogo's MAD"!

By 2009 I had learned to render on 3DS Max and made a short bike race with a "DHOOM 2" BGM!

+ I rely on Autodesk for my Industrial Design and Adobe for other interests. I also try and use opensource alternatives.


I click a lot with my Canon 750D + I film frequently + I love telling stories so I enjoy editing.

My schooling was in Malayalam, but I was into Received Pronunciation, so I became a voice-over narrator.

+ My mother pushed me to give speeches to overcome stage fear, so I ended up acting in plays.

When I learned to read, my father introduced me to science, I became a sceptic 

+ I'm a Ravenclaw + I learn Spanish from Duolingo + I like small communities in Reddit 

In Wayanad, which is set high on the Western Ghats, I grew up in a secular neighbourhood, only to let go of religion.

+ I am a listener of Making senseKermode & Mayo's film review and The Infinite Monkey Cage

+ I wish to see Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton + I admire the genius of Alex Garland, Dileesh Pothan, Soubin Sahir etc.

I listen to Sigrid + Now reading Sapiens + I miss Natalie Tran on Youtube + My favourite sitcom is Outnumbered

+ I am waiting for the next season of Westworld