Simple Product Design

Makes it easier and enjoyable to use cello-tape


  • Everyone uses cello-tape at least once in a while. Some times for mending a book or for wrapping a present.

  • But the majority of the users complain about the “finding the edge” situation.

  • See how she tries to find the edge... Takes a few seconds.

  • sometimes it’s really hard. Needless to say, this could affect the smooth work flow one is supposed to have.

  • This may seem unimportant in the grand scheme of things. But small things like this could make a difference in the user experience. 

Design Brief
  • To design a product which makes it easier and enjoyable to use cello-tape, for students.

  • To use directly on the surface

  • Avoid the "sticky-sticky" situation

Ideation and concept development

Laser cut Acrylic Prototype

3D Render